ACCS 2008 Conference Presentation
Friday, March 14, 11:30 – 12:30

Don’t Call It a Blog, Call It Educational Publishing

Outline of presentation:

11:30 – Introduction and Overview

  • What is blogging?
  • Why WordPress?
  • Why WordPress MU?
  • Quick look at examples of Educational Publishing – will go into more depth later
  • What does it mean for instruction?
    • A wealth of educational resources
  • What does it mean for enterprise?

11:40 – Demo of Educational Publishing using “Great Lives” as an example

11:50 – In depth look at instructional websites built with WPMU

12:10 – Enterprise concerns and challenges

  • Policy Development – Terms of Service, Support, Privacy, Intellectual Property
  • Providing the application – hardware, software, application support, community, downloads, hosting
    • WPMU Support Pages – basics about hardware, FAQ, Forums
    • WPMU Dev – more support, different community – Premium ($) version

12:20 – (10 min) Q & A

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