Presentation Outline

ACCS 2008 Conference Presentation
Jim Groom, Andy Rush, Jerry Slezak
Friday, March 14, 11:30 – 12:30

Don’t Call It a Blog, Call It Educational Publishing

Jerry Slezak, University of Mary Washington
Jim Groom, University of Richmond

What if we didn’t understand what we do in education with blogs as “blogging” but as a quick and easy way to publish online within a learning community? Or a place to feature a portfolio of students’ best work? Or a site where professors and staff track their professional and personal development? What if we understood “campus blogging initiatives” as a community publishing platform to share, learn, and integrate various resources from around the Web into a more specific community? This presentation will offer an alternative means of conceptualizing how university networks might approach supporting teaching and learning technologies by designing their online publishing systems around an RSS-rich aggregation system of open syndication, rather than closed repositories and Learning Management Systems (LMS) that seldom, if ever, allow or enable communication outside the walls of the course. Specifically, we will describe how we have used WordPress Multi User to build an enterprise-level educational publishing platform, and how it has fundamentally changed and transformed the online component of teaching and learning beyond the tools of the standard LMS.

Outline of presentation:

11:30 – (10 min) Introduction and Overview (Andy, Jim, Jerry

  • What is blogging? (Andy)
  • Why WordPress? (Andy)
  • Why WordPress MU? (Andy)
  • Quick look at examples of Educational Publishing – will go into more depth later (Jim)
    • 18th Century Audio
    • Nonce journal
    • Faculty Home page
    • Student clubs
  • What does it mean for instruction? (Jim Jim – students, Jerry – point of view of instructors)
  • What does it mean for enterprise? (Jerry)

11:40 – (10 min) Demo of Educational Publishing using “Great Lives” as an example (Andy)

11:50 – (20 min) In depth look at instructional websites built with WPMU (Jim)

12:10 – (10 min) Enterprise concerns and challenges (Jerry)

  • Campus Blogs
  • Self-hosting
  • Hosted server
  • Application administraton

12:20 – (10 min) Q & A

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